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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Many parents at my school don’t use the internet. Is Konstella for my organization?
Yes. Konstella offers web, mobile and paper solutions to help your organization to engage parents of all kinds. Konstella allows event organizers to print directories, signup sheets, volunteer lists, etc, so that it is easy to involve parents with no internet access.
2. Do parents have to register at Konstella?
It is recommended for all parents to register at Konstella. However, if some parents choose not to, as long as they have been invited to their schools and classrooms, they will be notified via email on school and classroom activities. Like registered parents, these parents can sign up for volunteer jobs directly from their emails without coming to Konstella.com. However, they will not be able to do things like setting up personal calendar sync, looking up the school directory, or text chatting with other parents in their classrooms.
3. Many parents at my school don’t speak English. Does Konstella have multi-language support?
The Konstella iPhone and Android apps are offered in English and professionally translated Spanish. The Konstella web site is integrated with Google Translator that offers 70+ languages. Your school admin can turn it on, so that parents at your school can view the website in their preferred languages.
4. Do parents need to be tech-savvy to use the service?
No. Quite the contrary, Konstella is super easy to use for regular parents. For example, parents can respond to activities and sign up for volunteer opportunities directly in their emails without signing into Konstella. For parent leads, such as committee chairs and room parents, Konstella offers a comprehensive solution to satisfy many of their needs. Parent leads should expect some learning time to get themselves familiar with all the features.
5. Can I create both classroom-wide and school-wide activities on Konstella?
Yes. By streamlining communications and allowing parent leaders to create short messages, long newsletters, signup sheets, and rsvp events for their classrooms, grades, committees, and the entire school, Konstella becomes a one-stop place for parents to stay connected.
6. Does Konstella replace my PTA/PTO website?
No, it does not. While your current PTA/PTO website provide a public interface of your organization, Konstella offers a private parent community with real time information. Konstella works well with your public website by providing you with widgets (e.g. calendar, committee list, volunteer buttons) that you can embed on your public website.
7. How does Konstella handle photo sharing? Can photo sharing be turned off?
Your School Admin can completely turn off the Photo Sharing feature. If your school decides to enable the feature, here's how it works on Konstella. Parents can specify if it is ok for other parents to upload photos of their children. When a parent uploads photos (school-wide or room-wide), there's always a link for her to see who opted out from photo sharing.
8. Which features can be turned off school-wide?
Photo sharing, and discussions can be turned off. Weekly digest email of upcoming activities can be turned off. If school directory is not a desired feature, School Admins can choose not to ask contact info at registration.
9. Does Konstella offer a web page for my parent organization and for every classroom?
Konstella does not offer a place for you to write a static web page. Konstella provides parents with a single view of what’s happening at school and in their classrooms. It’s centered around users, rather than the organizations. If desired, parents can always filter to see events and announcements only at the school level, or in specific classrooms of theirs. If your parent organization still likes to have web pages, on your web page, you can link to Konstella at places like volunteer opportunities, school directory, committee openings, file/photo sharing etc...
10. Why are there concepts like schools, classrooms, committees, and social groups? Why can’t they all be groups?
Lots of services out there can be used in schools, sports teams, and non-profit organizations. Konstella, on the other hand, is specifically designed for school-based parent communities. It’s not a solution that fits all scenarios. We’d like to make sure your needs are met by offering different set of features for different “groups”.
11. How much does Konstella cost?

Konstella offers two plans. Please see our plans page for details.

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Saying About Konstella?

I love Konstella's intuitive interface! After we deployed Konstella at Hoover, parents felt more connected with the school. We saw a significant jump in the number of parents who volunteered, with many new faces, especially dads!

Jong-Mi Lee


Hoover Elementary

From increased volunteerism to the engaging parent groups and directory, Konstella has definitely helped bring our school community together! I'm not sure how I'm going to survive without Konstella next year when my son goes to middle school.

Debby Hall

PTO President

West Valley Elementary

I'm so happy that this year we introduced Konstella at Chadbourne. It made volunteer signups a lot easier by providing parents a list of committee openings, and a one-stop place for all school and classroom level activities. I had never imagined that parents could be so well-informed and connected. Thank you, Konstella!

Ishaque Ketekar

VP of Communications and Events

Chadbourne Elementary

Konstella makes managing Bake Sales and the collection of other items a breeze. Event Organizers are able to focus their efforts on the events for our students, rather than spending their energy dealing with administrative tasks. We love the ability to send post-event thank you messages to all contributors!

Heather Boger

Parent Volunteer

Marshall Lane Elementary