Welcome to Konstella!
Wed, Oct 18 9:44pm

Welcome to our Parent Leadership group on Konstella!  I hope you find this helpful for sharing information with other parent leaders.


When you get a chance, visit the Committees page and add yourself to your school committee, so we can easily keep track of who represents which school (or Board of Ed.  or Administration).


To post an announcement or add an event to the calendar, click the orange CREATE button.  You will see several options, such as announcements, events, sign-ups, etc.  Click on the appropriate choice and fill in the information.  If you are not ready to publish the info, you can click "Save Draft."  If you are ready to notify everyone, click Next, then click Publish to Feed and Notify Users.  This will add your post to the news feed and send everyone an email.  If you simply wish to add a date to the calendar, you can click "Publish" and you event will be added, but no emails will be sent.


Have fun playing around with this, and if you have any questions, contact Erika Evanko.