Arrival Change
Mon, Oct 2 7:23pm

Hello Everyone-

As the year begins we are all trying to do the very best for our children.  AU has a request for us along those lines.
The original plan was to allow students to arrive between 8:30 and 8:55 to be ready for the start of the school day at 9.  This is not turning out to be beneficial to the students right now. 
Currently AU has realized they do not have the staff available to create a good transition atmosphere.  New staff are being interviewed as we speak to try to rectify the situation but right now there needs to be a change.
Starting on Tuesday, October 10th students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:55 for a 9:00 start.  If you are capable of starting this tomorrow that would be deeply appreciated by AU.
If you currently pay for caregiving and/or transportation in the morning your situation stays the same, speak with your caregiver/transporter.
If you are absolutely unable to make this change by October 10th, reach out to Brendan and Katerina personally.  Caregiving and transportation are options in necessary circumstances.
AU cannot promise that we will be able to go back to the 8:30 start for transition, but does hope that eventually it will be possible. 
Thanks everyone for working together to make this work so our students start the day off well.