Arrival and Dismissal
Mon, Oct 16 8:46pm

Arrival and Dismissal-

-The morning has been going MUCH better for our children. AU wishes they had realized from the start what would work best but is so appreciative of everyone’s effort’s to adjust to the 9:00 start time.

-If you do arrive early please wait outside or in the downstairs lobby. If families continue to wait on the 4th floor the school’s lease will be in jeopardy.

-You cannot leave children unattended before 8:55.

-If you are picking your child up early please call to have your child brought down, do not go up to the classroom to minimize the disruption to other students.


-There is a problem with dismissal. School ends at 3:00 but some families are consistently picking up their children late. I have suggested a system like many daycare providers use where you pay the care giver when you pick up your child late for the extra time they spent with your child without being paid. Brendan and Katerina would really prefer that everyone come on time without financial consequences. But if things do not improve that is what we will have to do- pay for the extra care we are receiving when we are late. Please come on time.

-If you know you will be late, text the AU number, some children are developing stress symptoms when they don’t know if/when their families are coming.