Mon, Oct 16 8:42pm


-Best practices for AU staff

            -Respond to non-urgent matters with in three days.

            -Try to accommodate the parents preferred method communicating.

            -For families that request it consider scheduling a once weekly 10 min phone



-Best practices for parents

            -Mark a message as urgent if it is.

            -Use Calendly to set up phone communication with Brendan.

            -Text Brendan for quick or urgent matters.

            -Use email for Katerina

            -Send quick questions/bits of info in HW folders for Katerina.

            -Social/Emotional, Behavioral, Curricular matters are for Brendan and

            Katerina. All other matters are for Josh.


-Field trips will be updated on the Konstella calendar at least one week in advance with Where, How, and When.


-Current volume of communication           

            -Right now, staff are often getting between 20 and 40 messages per day from parents. To respond to all that would take between 1.5 and 3 hours at minimum per day. Please do your best to keep you communication to the point and minimize the number of emails.