Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

AU hopes that everyone can continue (or go back to) using the systems in place for communication. If you just keep calling, eventually you will not be answered (as much) and this will make everyone feel frustrated.   AU says they have a very structured system to deal with communications being shared between them in house and they track all communication.  You do not need to reach out to multiple people at different times it will just take up more time.  Try to utilize the methods in the last announcement about communication.  Calendly continues to be the best way to schedule time with Brendan.   

Brendan is offering a phone “office hours”.  There will be a time each week that he will dedicate to short calls about concerns. The policy would most likely be that people would sign up with their interest in having a call and Brendan would give priority to people who had  had less contact recently.  I am not sure what time of day Brendan is thinking of- thoughts?

Some of us are still sending emails and not waiting the 72 hour window for a response. If you are sending multiple emails you might need to consolidate and be patient.  Every time someone needs to read a repetitive email it take away time from some other necessary task.

Please choose a single method of communication for a inquiry, a note, text, and email will just take more time to be processed than just one of them.

 Please try to pick and choose what is necessary to communicate about.  We have all been through a lot with our children and have a lot of concerns.  We all need to decide what matters most to us and focus on that with AU.

 Please do not ask for information about other children. All schools must abide by strict confidentiality policies- ours even more that some due to the nature of the students various disabilities.