Family Involvement
Mon, Oct 16 8:47pm

Family Involvement (How we can support AU)-

-Buy supplies! Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, printer paper, crayons, Gum. Just throw in a little extra next time you are at the grocery store or Costco.


-Volunteer! After-school help (without your child) is always welcome. Laminating, sorting, organizing, cutting, labeling, etc. Just let the school know ahead of time when you can come in and be aware that children may be in afterschool and that volunteer time is not time with a teacher.


-We will not be able volunteer during the day. AU want to keep the environment as safe and consistent for all children as possible. Any interruption can be a trigger, even having food delivered! I know this is a bummer but we all can understand the need to create the best learning environment possible for our children.



            -I need another parent to jump on this one.


            -There is a $3,200 per month space available in the building that could

            become a sensory gym. Currently there is not money in the budget for this.

            We could work toward this goal for our fundraising.


-Other initiatives

            -If you see something missing, create it! If we wish there was a family

            handbook, we need to help make it. We wanted easier communication and

            we created our Konstella site. You get the idea.