Family Involvement
Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

 Supplies that have come in are super welcome! When you can, continue to bring in paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, printer paper, crayons, Gum. 

-Volunteer! After-school help (without your child) is always welcome but will need advance notice so the school can have something ready for you to do. Laminating, sorting, organizing, cutting, labeling, etc. 

 Fundraising will eventually start- I need to look into how we become a 503c and then Sonal and I will be figuring out how to move forward.

Kudos to people who are filling in gaps as they are found!

Laurie is managing Konstella and trying to get us all using it the best way we can.

Liora is working on a staff organizational sheet.

Nicole has created the beginnings of a Family handbook (and will hopefully be adding to it!)