Financial Stuff
Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

 AU Has heard us that we want resources going to staffing and communication first.  They still have hopes for a sensory gym as it will go a long way to solving several other concerns.

Next year there will need to be a different payment schedule for tuition.  It will be announced in time for families to make appropriate preparations.  There will also be a cut off date for families to be financially responsible for this year to be invited back for next year.  To be clear, if you can not demonstrate an ability to pay for this year, you will not be invited back for next year.  This will not happen with out fair warning.  Families will most likely have at least a few months to figure things out.  Please contact Brendan if this is a concern for you.

Thank you to all families who have contacted Brendan with issues regarding payment.  It is very much appreciated.

AU is creating an internal schedule for themselves to regulate billing and other regular events.  It will be shared with us once it is finalized.