Info On Fundraising
Sun, Dec 31 10:43am

Hi All-

I wanted to let you  know some info that will shape any fundraising plans we might have.  The best way to raise money is to become a 501(c)(3).  That costs about $1,000.  Sooooo- I don't think it is a likely scenario for us at this time.

All that means however is that when we solicit donations they cannot be tax deductible.

There are many ways to fundraise moving forward- anyone who wants to pick one and go for it is TOTALLY welcome to do so.  My instinct is to go the Crowdfunding route.  Set up a Go Fund Me site, make it adorable, and share it out to our entire worlds.  I am willing to work on this for sure- but would love help.

There are also all kinds of sales that can happen, candy, tchotchkes, smencils, etc.

There are also auctions.

There are also events.

Thoughts are welcome- actions are even more welcomed!