Parent Liaison Meeting Notes
Tue, Nov 28 5:51pm

This is all going to be in one document because there isn't much to share!  (No news is good news!)

Not related to anything, we are awesome parents.  Our kids are challenging to live with and raise and we are all doing it!  And we are helping them improve.  There isn't a single AU child that hasn't shown marked improvement since the beginning of the year, some socially, some academically, and several both!!!  Go us!  And go AU!

Now the notes...

Services- AU is still working on these problems as they explained at the conference on Friday.

Communication- Is going better! 

  • AU feels that systems are working and being followed.  If you have a problem getting adequate responses to your communications, please consider letting me know.  I can advocate for you!
  • Parent Leadership Event seemed super successful.  Thanks everyone for coming and being good listeners and thinking of good questions.  Remember that if you are wondering about something, chances are so is another person.
  • Parent Leadership Events going forward, March will be a reflection on what has worked this year and what we can improve.  Next year there will be a meet and greet very early in September and the first Parent Event will be at about week six.
  • There will be a more complete school organization sheet coming soon with more descriptions of people's roles.
  • As staff increases, there will be a few more individual emails coming out- Josh will have his own that isn't the whole school, Liz S. will have one and the new administrative assistant will have one. 
  • Incident Reports will come to you if there is a visible mark on your child or if your child caused a visible mark on another child. Unicorns will be noted on DRC, Narmanders will be through phone (text or call) or in person at dismissal.  Reports will be on the day of the incident.
  • Incident Reports will also come to you if there is an extremely atypical behavior.

Restraint- We want to make sure that all families are aware that on rare occasions, restraint is used.  If it used for an extended amount of time you will be informed (that would fall under atypical behaviors.)  Restraint is only used when a student is endangering themselves or other students.  Any teacher who uses restraint techniques has been formally trained in appropriate techniques.  If you have questions about this, please reach out to me and I will get you answers!

Morning Arrival- Policy is that you can not leave your child until 8:55.  I'm sorry but some of the confusion may be that other families are seeing Simon in the lobby with AU staff.  We are paying for caregiving in the morning.  If you are having a major issue with time please contact AU to make arrangements like we have.

Parent Teacher Conferences- We will be signing up for slots, the sign up will be available by December 1st.

December 10th parent event scheduled on the big calendar is just a reminder to us to keep hanging out together, not an official event.  My personal preference would be to come together in January instead- December is often a bit crazy.  Our building has a rec room we could use- or we could all bribe Liora. 

And finally- if you are having an issue with AU and don't feel that it is being handled well or to your satisfaction, please consider letting me advocate for you.  Think of me as the possibly squeak you need to keep the wheel turning smoothly.