Round Two of Information Coming
Sun, Nov 12 10:15am

I was able to meet with AU on Wednesday and have some new information and requests for the parents in our golden community.  I hope to have everything out to you by the end of the day tomorrow.  I am waiting to make sure the way I heard things is really the way AU said things.  

I know it isn't everyone's favorite but I will be releasing the information in a category by category format like last time.  

It is also my plan to try to reach out to every family over the next two weeks via phone just to check in personally- the focus will be what's working for you at AU, what feels great about AU, what is your biggest concern, and what can we do to best solve that problem.

Also, I am a bit off these days due to the loss of a friend that happened quite suddenly.  I think I will stay fully functional in this role- but forgive any short delays or odd posts that don't quite make sense or not complete.  My brain is a bit distracted at random moments