Staff Morale
Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

The teacher appreciation gestures are...appreciated!  Thank you to all who signed up and who are doing little things on their own as well.  The impromptu B-day party was a great idea and so many of us pitched in!  YAY!

Staff feels a bit disoriented by parents right now- some are super supportive, some are pretty quiet, some are helping in many ways, some are creating difficulties, small and large difficulties.  

Please- no matter how deeply you love your child (okay- it's pretty darn deep) remember that creating an adversarial relationship with the people who care for your child will not help you, them, or your child.  AU is committed to educating, enriching, protecting, and loving each of the 13 golden children at the school.  They will do this equally regardless of each families choices in how to approach staff.  However- kindness and using established protocols will go a long way in supporting staff to be the best educators, enrichers, protectors, and lovers of our children.

In short- treat the staff only the way you want them to treat your child.