What happens during the day at AU, stays at AU...
Tue, Nov 14 8:38pm

AU is special because they are capable of handling a lot of things that others schools wouldn’t or couldn’t. This means we need to trust them to handle things! When something another school would consider a crisis happens we need to trust that AU can and will handle it. They will not be informing us of everything everyday- incidents are tracked in house but not always reported to home because they have been HANDLED.

 As hard as it is for us to let go, we need to think of the school day a bit like therapy. No good therapist would tell a parent everything that a child said in session. To build trust with the children, each child needs to know AU will keep some things confidential. OF COURSE- if another child is impacted or there is a dangerous situation we will be informed (though you cannot ask who the other child is!).

 When parents learn about incidents that happened during the day, unless you have a system worked out with AU in advance or they request you to intervene at home, please refrain from implementing additional consequences or punishments at home. They can undermine the system AU is using to handle incidents in the school.

 However- I think you can feel free to reward your student for awesomeness any time!