Public School is Closed Tomorrow So....

Tue, Mar 20 6:10pm

Public schools are closed tomorrow which most likely mean AU is closed.  I know they differed last time but it was in the other direction so I am putting it at 99.99999% that AU is closed tomorrow.

Big Giant GLOW!

Tue, Feb 27 10:56am

Has anyone been to the website recently? WOW!  Go check it out!

Glows and Grows

Thu, Feb 15 10:18am

Because AU is wisely not doing glows and grows this week I will step up and fill the void. Glow: We are all awesome!  The kids happy and working hard, the parents keeping it all (somehow) together, th ... [More]

Progress Report and Report Card Calendar

Tue, Feb 13 11:54am

Please see attachment.

February Parent Liaison Notes

Tue, Feb 13 11:54am

Okay- these are a bit disorganized but hopefully you can figure it out!  (They are less confusing than our children.)   Emily’s Update Emails             This new system seems to be working great. Tha ... [More]

Do you want to know if a lead teacher is out?

Wed, Jan 24 4:46pm

Hi All- Brendan was out sick today.  Which raises the question- is that something we want to have shared?  Obviously, that is not shared in public schools- but substitutes are handled differently ther ... [More]

More Trip Info

Tue, Jan 23 12:40pm

Narmanders are going to the Brooklyn Historical Society, Dumbo location.  They will be walking.  Hope it is fun!

Notes from Parent Liaison Meeting with AU 1/17 Long and probably full of typos!

Sun, Jan 21 11:12am

Services:   A individual list of what services each child received for each family will be available soon to help everyone understand what was provided.   Current status of finding providers -It is a ... [More]

Field Trip Info (Sort of)

Sun, Jan 21 10:43am

Unicorns are going to the Brooklyn Children's Museum (again by popular demand!) by subway. Narmanders are going somewhere.  I just have not been able to get that info.  I am still trying.  (Hint hint ... [More]

NYC DOE had cancelled school for tomorrow

Wed, Jan 3 6:47pm

Hi All- Public schools are cancelled for tomorrow.  This means AU will also be closed.  

Info On Fundraising

Sun, Dec 31 10:43am

Hi All- I wanted to let you  know some info that will shape any fundraising plans we might have.  The best way to raise money is to become a 501(c)(3).  That costs about $1,000.  Sooooo- I don't think ... [More]

Upcoming Field Trips

Mon, Dec 11 6:48pm

Hi All- Here's the deal for the trips on the 18th...   Unicorns: Where- FDNY Fire Zone How- Subway Why- Learning about community helpers   Narmanders: Where- All over the DUMBO neighborhood How- Walki ... [More]

Parent Liaison Meeting Notes

Tue, Nov 28 5:51pm

This is all going to be in one document because there isn't much to share!  (No news is good news!) Not related to anything, we are awesome parents.  Our kids are challenging to live with and raise an ... [More]

ARGH! Fail #2 Ignore both messages.

Tue, Nov 21 12:15pm

Homework Help Club Survey (Maybe)

Tue, Nov 21 12:06pm

Trying something new for me here- might fail.  We'll see. There has been some interest in homework help options.  AU wants to gage the level interest and see who it is to try to create workable combos ... [More]

Staff Morale

Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

The teacher appreciation gestures are...appreciated!  Thank you to all who signed up and who are doing little things on their own as well.  The impromptu B-day party was a great idea and so many of us ... [More]


Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

AU is doing the best they can right now with services.  There is hope that in the future services can be in house for greater consistency and accountability.  AU is not fully satisfied with the way th ... [More]


Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

AU hopes that everyone can continue (or go back to) using the systems in place for communication. If you just keep calling, eventually you will not be answered (as much) and this will make everyone fe ... [More]

Arrival and Dismissal

Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

 Thank you to all parents about respecting the upstairs area in the morning- there have not been any problems with the building! It continues to be 8:55 for going upstairs. Please do not leave childre ... [More]

Family Involvement

Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

 Supplies that have come in are super welcome! When you can, continue to bring in paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, printer paper, crayons, Gum.  -Volunteer ... [More]

Financial Stuff

Tue, Nov 14 8:39pm

 AU Has heard us that we want resources going to staffing and communication first.  They still have hopes for a sensory gym as it will go a long way to solving several other concerns. Next year there ... [More]


Tue, Nov 14 8:38pm

It is important to recognize that all AU children are different.  Differentiated homework is a special skill of the AU staff.  Don't worry if your child has different homework from other children.  Ta ... [More]

What happens during the day at AU, stays at AU...

Tue, Nov 14 8:38pm

AU is special because they are capable of handling a lot of things that others schools wouldn’t or couldn’t. This means we need to trust them to handle things! When something another school would cons ... [More]

Coat Hallway/Lost and Found

Tue, Nov 14 8:38pm

The students are being asked to take responsibility for their items in the coat hallway to foster independence.  The staff makes sure that the school is clean and appropriate for kids at all times but ... [More]

TECA Online Support Groups

Tue, Nov 14 2:54pm

In case you are not familiar with TECA (Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy), they are a wonderful organization. Mara, who is ED, is an absolute gem! Not only is she an incredible and empathetic per ... [More]

Round Two of Information Coming

Sun, Nov 12 10:15am

I was able to meet with AU on Wednesday and have some new information and requests for the parents in our golden community.  I hope to have everything out to you by the end of the day tomorrow.  I am ... [More]

Field Trip on November 30th

Fri, Nov 10 12:42pm

**Note the date change from the original calendar.** On November 30th the entire school will be visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  Everyone will be walking there.  Once there the groups will be splitt ... [More]

VIA comes to Brooklyn!

Wed, Nov 8 8:30am

VIA IS NOW IN BROOKLYN! I priced it this morning and you can take a Via from up by me in Harlem to Allied for $11! Here is a code for $10 off: laurie3s7. You can download the app here: ... [More]

Homework UPDATE

Tue, Oct 31 1:30am

Hello All. Homework sheets will now be available to you online; it will be uploaded to your child's classroom. These sheets are backup, in case you need extra (e.g., lost, ripped up, vacation, etc.). ... [More]

Another Social Group to sign up for!

Thu, Oct 26 7:57am

Most you already have done this, but while you are signing up for Homework and Monthly Newsletter- make sure you are also a member of the social group AU Parents Organization.  This is where we can ha ... [More]

Help Organizing Supplies

Tue, Oct 24 6:16pm

All -   There has been such a large influx of wonderful goodies from all of you that AU could now use a little help organizing and labelling all of it. If anyone is available after school on any day, ... [More]

Need Empty Shoeboxes Please

Tue, Oct 24 5:59pm

Hello All.   The Unicorns are working on a project and could use as many shoeboxes as possible. If anyone (or their neighbors, friends or family) has some empty shoeboxes around and could send them in ... [More]

Salamander and Narwhal Trip Info

Thu, Oct 19 5:11pm

This info is tentative and will possibly change. Salamanders and Narwhals will be going to the Museum of Chinese Americans on October 24th. They will be taking the subway. We will let you know of any ... [More]

Unicorn Trip Info

Thu, Oct 19 2:03pm

Unicorns will be heading to the Central Park Zoo on October 24th! They will be taking the subway.   Narwhals and Salamander info coming super soon.


Mon, Oct 16 9:00pm

You made it through everything!   I am sure I made some typos, misspellings, and who knows what else.  Please remember that we are all new at this microschool stuff and everything is a work in progres ... [More]


Mon, Oct 16 8:56pm

Who is responsible for what- -The school is responsible for what happens between their 4 walls. -We are responsible for what happens everywhere else. -If you feel you need support at home you can beco ... [More]


Mon, Oct 16 8:48pm

Workshops -There seems to be some interest and need in a parent workshop about behavioral supports and systems at AU. -Brendan is quite willing to make this happen. -Do we want such a workshop? Would ... [More]

Financial Issues

Mon, Oct 16 8:47pm

Financial Issues -There are three things Brendan wants to do             -Increase Services             -Create a separate space for a sensory gym             -Increase staff -There is no budget for t ... [More]

Family Involvement

Mon, Oct 16 8:47pm

Family Involvement (How we can support AU)- -Buy supplies! Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, printer paper, crayons, Gum. Just throw in a little extra next ... [More]

Arrival and Dismissal

Mon, Oct 16 8:46pm

Arrival and Dismissal- -The morning has been going MUCH better for our children. AU wishes they had realized from the start what would work best but is so appreciative of everyone’s effort’s to adjust ... [More]


Mon, Oct 16 8:43pm

Services- An update from AU will be coming by 10/20, but here’s the informal basics- -Every child is getting 2 sessions per week based on need. -We will be getting a schedule when it is finished, AU w ... [More]


Mon, Oct 16 8:42pm

Communication- -Best practices for AU staff             -Respond to non-urgent matters with in three days.             -Try to accommodate the parents preferred method communicating.             -For ... [More]

Here Comes the Info/AU staff Morale

Mon, Oct 16 8:41pm

Okay- Here they come lots and lots of announcements. Read at you leisure. Don’t freak out because it is a lot to absorb.   Teacher/Staff Morale -The teachers absolutely love our children. They want to ... [More]

Lots of Information Coming

Sun, Oct 15 10:49am

I had a good, long, productive meeting with AU on Friday afternoon and there is a lot to share. I will put out the information in several announcements by subject matter. Use the comments section for ... [More]

Missing Red Zip Hoodie

Thu, Oct 12 12:57am

All - It seems a student has lost their red zip hoodie, presumably in the classroom. Could everyone please check the nooks and crannies in their homes and cars to make sure it did not go home with you ... [More]

That last message was from me, Julia,

Wed, Oct 11 6:45pm

That came out confusing- the message was from me, Julia, on behalf of AU staff!

Message from AU staff

Wed, Oct 11 6:43pm

Thanks to everyone for sharing feedback- I am in touch with AU about both praise and concerns.   AU feels badly about the communication issues and are working on it.  In fact, I will be meeting with  ... [More]

Services discussion moved

Sat, Oct 7 10:59am

I am slowly learning this system- I am moving the conversation about services to the AU Parents Organization.  Please join that and chime in!

Related Services Discussion

Sat, Oct 7 8:39am

Hello- Let's start a conversation about related services at AU. (Thanks to Sonal for bringing this up.)   My understanding is that our golden children are being evaluated as we speak and will receive ... [More]

Arrival Change

Mon, Oct 2 7:23pm

Hello Everyone-   As the year begins we are all trying to do the very best for our children.  AU has a request for us along those lines.   The original plan was to allow students to arrive between 8:3 ... [More]