A message from the Addison Library
Fri, Dec 15 2:48pm
Addison Elementary

Dear Addison Families,

As you are thinking of your winter break plans, please remember a few things.... 

  • Students may need some extra books to enjoy some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays
  • Families may want some holiday books to share during this time
  • Long car rides can be helped with a good audio book


The Addison library can help you with all of this.  We have books on cds, holiday books and plenty of books to share.  Please stop by next week and pick up what you might need and or want.


Happy Holidays,

Ms Ohanian


Patricia A. Ohanian

Teacher Librarian

Addison Elementary School

Palo Alto, California


I read because one life isn't enough, and in the page of a book I can be anybody;
I read because the words that build the story become mine, to build my life;
I read not for happy endings but for new beginnings; I'm just beginning myself, and I wouldn't mind a map;
I read because I have friends who don't, and young though they are, they're beginning to run out of material;
I read because every journey begins at the library, and it's time for me to start packing;
I read because one of these days I'm going to get out of this town, and I'm going to go everywhere and meet everybody, and I want to be ready.”

― Richard Peck, Anonymously Yours