Addison Auction - Everything you need to know!
Sun, Oct 15 2:17pm
Addison Elementary

Pls use this Cheat Sheet to look through what the auction has to offer.

Bidding starts Monday October 16th, 7am!
Auction 2017 FAQ


Is there childcare provided at the Auction Party?
Yes! Childcare will be provided from 6:00-10:30 PM on the night of the auction (October 21).  Cost is $20 per child. Register your child(ren) before all spaces are gone! Contact Lauren Williams with any questions about Auction childcare.


Where is the Online Auction?
Bidding starts Monday October 16th, 7am!
It is free to bid online, you do NOT need a ticket to the Auction to bid.


Items, Family Parties, Kids Parties, Teacher Parties, Teacher Items are all bid on online only.


Adult Parties will be bid on at the Auction Party October 21st 6pm-8pm. We will also auction off popular hot items in a Live Auction. You can preview these items online. You can buy tickets for the Auction party here:


How do I bid on Online Auction?
Go to the online auction website:
Click on ‘Start bidding’:
start button.jpg


Login in to Greatergiving or create an account with Greatergiving. You’ll enter in your name, contact details and credit card number.


You’ll be asked to verify your email address. Then you are ready to start bidding!!


How does bidding work?
Click or tap on an item and you’ll see buttons to ‘quick bid’, ‘bid’ or ‘watch’. Quick bid bids the minimum you need to win. Bid gives you price options to bid, and watch will add the item to ‘My List’.

bid watch.jpg

my list 1.jpg

How do I see who is bidding an on item?
Click on the Package History section that is under the description. Note that if there isn’t a Package History section it means no one has bid on it yet! The picture below shows bidder numbers, but we will show bidder names. package history.jpg


How do I bid anonymously?
To bid anonymously change your ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ in your greatergiving account to something anonymous like AnonFirstName, or SuperWoman.


  1. Log in to Greatergiving.
  2. Click on the dotted line menu icon on the top right
  3. Click ‘Edit Profile’
  4. Change your first name and last name to something anonymous.
  5. Click ‘ok’!


user profile.jpg


What is ‘No Bid’ and  ‘Multisale’?
In the menu there is a ‘featured’ section, with ‘No Bid’ and ‘Multisale’ headings. We do not find these helpful and you can ignore them. Clicking on ‘No Bid’ will show all items with no bid on them. Clicking on ‘Multisale’ will show all items that have multiple winners - like parties..