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April 19, 2020

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All PAUSD Schools closed for remainder of school year

NEW! PTA President’s Message
Addison Community -

This week the PTA announced the The Great Addison Adventure Hunt of 2020 as a way to  promote school spirit while we continue to shelter in place and maintain social distancing. Walking around the Addison neighborhood, I have seen many signs and displays of Addison pride. We know not everyone lives somewhere with a street facing window and some students live outside of the neighborhood surrounding Addison so the PTA would like to invite everyone to participate virtually too! Send photos of your “We Love Addison” signs to and with your permission, we’ll share them on the Addison Facebook Page and in each week’s eAdvisor.

Last week I mentioned the parent volunteers working behind the scenes in our community. Since the school closure was announced, hundreds of packets with school materials have been delivered to students’ doorsteps. A huge thanks to the volunteers and their families who have made that happen - Sarah Kimball , Michelle Gustavson, Marion Beach, Rachel Thomas, Patty Dhillon, Ola Hopper and Lauren Williams. 

Wishing you all health!
Lauren Williams
PTA President


NEW! PAUSD Meal Delivery for Students in Need
PAUSD Food Services will continue to offer FREE “drive through” lunch pick up for students in need daily through the end of the school year. If you depend on school meals, please visit only one meal site so that we may have enough for those in need. If you do not have transportation, please complete this request form for delivery or email Yolanda Conaway at to set up meal delivery service in advance.


NEW! Everything is Awesome - Noon LEGO Cart is (Virtually) Back!
The Noon LEGO Cart will (virtually) launch this week. A “Committee” has been created in Konstella for families to join. Please sign up for a “LEGO Master Builder” position if you’d like to receive future messages on this “lunchtime” (optional) activity. Participation is open to everyone (students, staff, parents, family pets!). If you need LEGO blocks to participate, please for assistance. This week’s build theme is “Outer Space” and more details on how to share your builds will be communicated via Konstella on Thursday (our usual LEGO Cart day).


NEW! Great Addison Adventure Hunt of 2020! 
Be a part of the Great Addison Adventure 20202! The PTA will announce a new theme/idea each week with an item you can display at home.  This week’s theme is a “We Love Addison” sign. If you live somewhere with a street facing window, we encourage you to display the weekly item for our community to search for while walking around the Addison neighborhood. We also want you to share your participation virtually by sending photos to and we’ll share them on the Addison Facebook Page* and in each week’s eAdvisor.  (*Parent/guardian permission is required for all images on social media that show a student’s face/).
You can also add your home to the Addison Adventure Map! Please note that this map will be accessible to anyone with the link. Only include info you are comfortable sharing publicly 
Directions for adding a pin: Directly under the search button on the map, you'll see a pin symbol. Click on this and scroll to your home on the map, then click. You can add a description about your home here.
While participating in this community building project, please maintain all county social distancing requirements. Don't knock on doors, ring doorbells, or gather in groups.


Food Security
If your family is struggling with food security during this time, please contact for information on how we can offer support. 


Relief Fund Benefiting PAUSD Families Financially Impacted by COVID-19
Many in our school and local community have asked how to help Addison and other PAUSD school families who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 shelter in place order. The Palo Alto Community Fund (PACF) launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund aimed at supporting urgent needs in our nearby community, with a specific focus on PAUSD families. PACF has already donated over $150,000 to help provide direct financial relief to cover basic needs such as food & shelter. As PACF’s fund grows, so will the support to the PAUSD community. Please donate using this link if you are able to support this effort.  For more information about Palo Alto Community Fund or the COVID-19 Relief Fund contact Lauren Williams (


Community Announcements

NEW! Backstage with the Superintendent Webinar Series
Beginning Monday, April 20, PAUSD will begin a live webinar series. The webinars will run live each Monday during the closure at 5:30 p.m.  We have two options for those who wish to participate. For those who would like the option of submitting questions and comments through the Chat feature, we would suggest the Webinar option found at: If you would like to view the webinar live and do not want to submit questions or comments, we would suggest the YouTube live option found at:


PAUSD Zoom Guidelines: STUDENT PAUSD Zoom Guidelines & Norms 03/25/20


NEW! Special Education: Families of  students with IEPs and 504 plans 
As we are facing this health crisis as a society, many of you are facing new challenges at home. Many of our kids thrive on routine and structure. If you have a student with special education needs, a 504 plan, or other education challenges, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are an increasing number of resources out there for families struggling during the shelter in place order. If you are searching for community during this time, please reach out to If you wish to talk to a parent from your school, you can reach out to your school’s PTA Special Education / Inclusion representative. Representatives for each school  are listed here: For specific questions about your child’s educational needs, please stay in touch with your student’s case manager or teacher. For more general special education resources check out the Palo Alto Council of PTAs web page. Updates on webinars and other education resources are posted regularly.

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