Addison School- Disaster Drill- 10/24/19 @ 8:30am
Thu, Oct 17 11:29am

Dear Addison Families,


At yesterday's Staff Meeting, we prepared for an upcoming Disaster Drill on Thursday, October 24th at 8:30am.  A Disaster Drill allows helps the Addison Staff prepare for a declared emergency such as an earthquake when it would not be possible to re-enter the school buildings.  Staff members are assigned to teams to practice procedures related to student accountability, search and rescue, first aid and student release to families.  The drill will last approximately thirty minutes.  Students will be supervised by staff members on the field and the office and classrooms will be closed during that time.   If you have any questions about the drill, please don't hesitate to contact me.


This is also a good time to remind families to check and update your Emergency Contacts on Infiinite  Campus.  We would use the Emergency Contact list to release your child(ren) from school in the case of an emergency.  If you need to add or delete contacts, feel free to contact the front office.


Thank you,

Amanda Boyce