Addison Staff Update
Wed, Mar 3 2:32pm

Dear Addison Families,


This year, PAUSD has worked with Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS) to design a Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP) for eligible employees that meet certain criteria in terms of age and years of service. It’s a great opportunity for those who qualify and had planned to retire in the next year or two.  The names of the PAUSD staff members who applied and were approved for this plan will be released in the upcoming Board Documents this Friday, March 5th.


So it is with both excitement and sadness that I share two teachers will be retiring from Addison at the end of the 2020-21 school year.  We wanted to personally share the news with you as your families have been an important part of our lives throughout the years.


Karen Kitayama, Kindergarten Teacher and Carol Miller, 1st Grade Teacher, will be retiring at the end of this year.  Karen has been teaching in PAUSD for 22 years. The majority of her time was spent at Ohlone School and then she came to Addison 8 years ago.  Karen does the impossible job of teaching our youngest learners how to “do school” by developing all the necessary social and emotional skills to become part of a caring and respectful classroom community.  She constantly advocates for our historically underrepresented students and is a role model for guiding the growth and development of the “whole child”.


Carol has spent an astonishing 37 years in Education and approximately 30 years here at Addison.  Her historical and institutional knowledge is unprecedented.  She has the unique ability to see inside the heart of every child and elevate their strengths.  Carol has been an invaluable partner for so many families as she uniquely knows and communicates where a child shines and areas for growth.  Her calm, caring approach and masterful origami skills will be treasured by many community members for years to come.


As we look ahead to the final trimester of this school year, I'll be working closely with these two amazing Educators and PTA to find ways to honor them and support their transition.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out to them to share your own personal sentiments.


Thank you,

Amanda Boyce