Addison Teacher Retirements
Thu, May 6 10:06am

Dear Addison Community,


We are excited to celebrate the teaching careers of Carol Miller, Katie Bramlett and Karen Kitayama.  These dedicated teachers have guided and supported children of Palo Alto for many years.  As they look to the next chapter in their lives, we want to send them off on their retirement adventures with lots of memories of their time with us.


How can you get involved?


  • Book of Letters: Write a letter to Mrs. Miller, Ms. Bramlett and/or Karen. These letters will be put into a book of letters for each of them to take home and read again and again.  Letters from students, parents, and community members can be delivered to Addison any time during school hours; 8am-4pm.  Feel free to add a picture/photograph to your letter if you choose.  Email letters can be sent to Joy at   Or you can mail your letter to Addison at 650 Addison Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301.  All letters must be received by May 28th in order to be included in the books.


  • Video Letter: You can also send a video message to Mrs. Miller, Ms. Bramlett, and /or Karen.  Send your video message to Lauren Williams at  All video messages must be received by May 28th in order to be included in the group video.


  • Community Celebration: Due to COVID, we are not planning any community events at this time. However, if a postponed retiree community event is planned in the fall and you are interested in attending, complete this form and you will be contacted.


Please feel free to share this widely with anyone you know whose life may have been touched by these wonderful Educators.


We look forward to hearing from you,

 Addison Social Committee