Air Quality- Monday- 10/28/19
Mon, Oct 28 6:54am

Dear Addison Family,


Along with PAUSD district representatives, I have been monitoring the air quality index over the past 24 hours.  


The current Air Quality Index is showing “orange” or “Unhealthy” for sensitive groups so we will now need to take the following precautions:


Morning Assembly will be cancelled.  PE and outdoor sports will be moved indoors as much as possible. Reduce vigorous exercise to 30 minutes per hour of practice time with increased rest breaks and substitutions. Ensure that sensitive individuals are medically managing their condition.  Provide extra indoor spaces for lunch, breaks and recesses. Avoid prolonged outdoor exposure.


Classrooms will keep windows and doors closed. For buildings/rooms that have air conditioning, the units should be set to re-circulate to prevent outside air from moving inside.


We will monitor students’ and staff physical conditions and please email me with any specific concerns.


I will update you with any further changes.


Thank you,

Amanda Boyce