Auction Information
Thu, Aug 30 10:31am
Addison Elementary

Addison Families,

Great to see everyone at the back to school night! Here’s a summary and link for the Addison Auction:
Addison Auction - 20th October 2018
Time - 6 pm - 10 pm
Location - Lucie Stern Community Center
Drinks and a light dinner will be served
Themed wear is suggested
Tickets - $50/person, $75/person @ door
You can purchase your ticket through the link below and register your credit card for purchases at the Auction.
If you have already bought your auction ticket on the One Payment Form, you can still use the above link to register your credit card. This will help keep the check-in lines short on the day of the auction.
Addison Auction Team
Purvi Kapadia & Sharyn Efimoff