Construction Update- THURSDAY
Tue, Oct 16 7:25pm
Addison Elementary

Dear Addison Families,


At my weekly construction meeting today, I received an important update.  Concrete is scheduled to be poured in the foundations this Thursday, October 18th.  A pump truck will be staged before school in the old parking lot to avoid drop off, and then the pour will begin around 9:30 am. Throughout the day, there will be approximately 24 trucks total, about 4 or 5 per hour. They will be on site, entering and exiting the old parking lot driveway locations. There will be about four spaces adjacent to the driveways on Webster blocked off to allow the trucks to turn onto the site and minimize the backing alarm noise. If all goes as planned, the last truck will come prior to pick up in the afternoon.  The pump truck and clean up activities on site will continue after pick up.


If your child attends AKC, the construction crew has requested to please use the AKC entrance on Lincoln Ave. on Thursday.


Thank you,

Amanda Boyce