Fund for crossing guard Judy
Tue, Dec 10 7:55pm

Dear Addison community,


Anyone who has to cross Middlefield Road while walking, biking or scootering to school knows Judy, the crossing guard.  I am sure all of you appreciate that she keeps you and your children safe on the way to and from school. Please consider donating whatever amount of money you can to show your appreciation to Judy this holiday season. There is now a collection container in the Addison office (cash only please).  If you find it hard to get to the office in person and you have a Paypal account, you may pay me directly via the "friends and family" link (put Judy in the comment line).


Judy was featured a few years ago in a newspaper article describing a local charity, The Christmas Fund.  Judy was quoted as being thankful for the $35 she gets every year from the charity. She often puts the money toward some new gloves or boots, to help make her crossing guard salary and Social Security check stretch further.  Since she does not get paid over the winter break holiday, a little extra at this time of year really helps her out. If each Addison child gives even $1 to thank her, it would help Judy have a happy New Year. The money will be put toward a gift card and presented after school during the last week of school.  We can accept donations in the office up until school end on Tuesday, Dec. 17 and on PayPal until 6pm  on Wednesday, Dec. 18. For the last several Decembers, the Addison community has generously donated to this collection and Judy has been very grateful. 


Best regards,

Amy Adams

(Addison parent)