Inclusion Week 9/11- 9/15
Fri, Sep 8 11:36am
Addison Elementary

Dear Addison Families,


Next week, the teachers and I will be discussing with students the importance of inclusion and accepting our differences as part of Inclusion Week.  Also, each student will be receiving a Gratitude Journal .  Students will be encouraged to draw or jot down simple and small moments of gratitude and then the journals will be sent home.


One 2006 study in the journal Psychological Science found that those who expressed more gratitude were also more likely to help out others. So “pro-social” behaviors are in turn linked to greater happiness.  Empathy also apparently increases when people are thankful. A 2012 paper in Social Psychology and Personality Science found that higher levels of gratitude were linked to greater empathy and lowered aggression. “Gratitude motivates people to express sensitivity and concern for others,” the researchers wrote.


The Inclusion Week resources and journals were shared by our PTA Inclusion Rep, Amy Rosenberg.  She is an alumni Addison parent and support for all families who would like to discuss their child's differences or who may be considering a 504 or IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  Amy can be contacted at


Please ask your child about Inclusion Week next week and their journals.  Thanks for your ongoing support and have a great weekend!



Amanda Boyce