Library Book Request
Fri, Sep 18 7:54am

It is time to request another library book or two! 

  • Please request your library books by Thursday September 24th. 
  • Books will be distributed on TUESDAY September 29th
  •  For Kinder-3rd please go in and do the form again (I just cleared the responses) and if you want more than one book,  just do the form more than once.  (See links below)
  • I can always help you and your child with this process just let me know.  I also have office hours on Wednesdays between 11:15-12:00 (the Zoom link for that is on Schoology)

Kinder & 1st Grade Book Request Form


2nd & 3rd grade Book Request Form


Addison Online Library Catalog - anyone can use 4th and 5th graders have been taught to use this as their request form