Online auction is live; Auction Party is this Saturday 6-10:30pm
Thu, Oct 19 12:27pm
Room 17 - Wright

The online auction is live: .   Both the online auction and the adult party bidding at the event end on Saturday, Oct 21st, at 8pm on the dot!!


Some family and kids parties with a limited number of spots are filling up quickly and you can only bid on these items online: Pancake Dinner& Movie, Crawfish Boil and Mother Daughter Tea Party! There are many great value items still available including: summer camps, after school activities, and a Family ice cream sundae party for $15 per Family.


The Auction Party, I Love the 80s, is on this Saturday at Lucie Stern 6-10:30pm; The band is practicing their 80s set. The cassette tape and pac-man decorations are being hung. The karaoke machine has been dusted. And the roller skates have been oiled! It's going to be a fun night.

You can buy tickets here.


Please send absentee bids to

If you have questions any about the Auction go to the FAQ here.


Happy bidding,

The Auction Team