PiE Donations Make a Difference!
Fri, Nov 13 8:43am

Dear Addison Families,


Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is a strong partner of our school. Funding from PiE allows me to provide many more staff than our budget would otherwise allow. Because of donations to PiE, we can have our vital classroom aides, math specialist and counseling program. PiE’s funding provides specialized art and music programs that enhance the academics for each student. The difference in the school with PiE’s support is remarkable. Addison would be a very different school without this additional funding.


If you have already donated to PiE this year, I appreciate your support. If you have not, I ask you to please consider making a donation now. If you donate or pledge by November 16th, your donation will be matched by a Challenge Grant.  To reach our school’s goal, we need 66 more families to make a gift as we are hoping to maintain the programs and personnel funded by PiE.


A donation, in any amount that is meaningful for your family, makes a difference to our community and our school.


You can find out all the ways to make a contribution on PiE's website at:




Thank you for being a wonderful member of the Addison community.



Amanda Boyce