Please register for Konstella!
Mon, Aug 20 9:05am
Addison Elementary

The Addison community is an active one with lots of events, announcements, initiatives and volunteer opportunities. To help keep everyone informed in the most effective way possible, the Addison PTA has been using a communications platform called Konstella. This system allows the PTA to reach the school community digitally and on the go. The system has many features which we hope that you will take advantage of, such as announcements, volunteer signups, parent groups and calendaring. If you registered for Konstella last year, you do not need to register again this year. If not, please continue reading...


Web registration

To get started with Konstella, go to the website here , select ‘Find Your School’ in the upper right hand corner and start to type out the first few letters of Addison. Our school will automatically populate and you may proceed with the registration from there.


Mobile app registration

To register for the mobile app: First, download the iOS or Android app (Konstella). Then click on “register” and enter the Addison invitation code (DU3NHT). It is case sensitive. An invitation email will be sent to you mailbox. Click the “join” button in your confirmation email to complete your registration. 


While we may still need to send home flyers occasionally, we hope that Konstella will help ease the amount of paper used at school and streamline the number of emails you receive about Addison events and initiatives.


We look forward to keeping you informed and helping our community grow!