Post Addison Auction Fire Sale & Collection of Purchased Items
Fri, Oct 26 11:43am
Room 8 - Frates

Thank you everyone who bid on the Online Auction and attended the 'Welcome to the Jungle' event. 


We will be distributing physical items Tuesday, 0ct 30th and Friday, Nov 2nd from 8am to 8:30am at the Lunch tables outside room 21. 


There are some party spots and items that are still available and we have lowered the starting bid price on many of them. If you love a deal, check out the Addison Auction Fire Sale. Go to the auction website and click on the 'Fire Sale' category:


Teacher Parties

Special Specials - Coach Kessler, Ms Ohanian & Ms Melanie's Party


Kids Parties

Easter Egg Decoration

Nerf Gun Wars - 4th & 5th Grade

Quidditch Games


Family Parties

Kick Some Balls

Sundaes on Sunday

Tailgate @ Stanford

Smore Smash

Moms & Dudes

Kinder Easter Egg Hunt


Adult Parties

Al Fresco Yoga

Burnt Out

Caddy Night at Bushwood Country Club



Addison Auction Committee