Preview the Addison Auction Items and Parties!
Mon, Oct 9 2:01pm
Room 17 - Wright

The auction is right around the corner! You can preview the online auction items and parties here: Addison Auction 2017  Bidding will start next week, Monday Oct 16th. From the auction website click on the green ‘Start Bidding’ button to set up an account.  If you have purchased a ticket you will receive an email from Greater Giving to register for bidding.


There are so many fun and personal items and events donated by the Addison community, including: A cake with a rainbow and a leprechaun inside (seriously there’s a rainbow inside the cake!!), horseback riding lessons with the western riding Stanford coach, private plane flight around the Bay Area.  


An important note about bidding:

Adult Parties will be bid on at the auction party ONLY, NOT ONLINE. The bidding will be exactly the same as in prior years, with bid sheets and competitive bidding. If you can't attend the auction party, but would like to bid on an Adult Party, fill out an absentee bid form located in the printed catalogue (distributed Monday Oct 16th).


The  bidding for Items, Family Parties', Kids Parties', Teacher Parties sign-ups will be ONLINE ONLY so that we include as many Addison families in these parties as possible. Most of these parties are fixed price but few of them are competitive bids.


All feedback welcome:

The Auction Team