Safety Drill- FRIDAY
Wed, Feb 26 4:24pm

Dear Addison Families,


This Friday, February 28, the Addison staff and students will practice safety measures at our annual drill should a dangerous situation (animal, unwanted visitor, gas leak) present itself on campus. The drill will start at 10:45am and should last approximately 30 minutes. During the drill, the Palo Alto Police Department will be on campus to observe and give feedback. Parents will not be allowed to pick up their children from approximately 10:45-11:15am on Friday so if you have an appointment, please plan to pick up your child early.

The Palo Alto Police Department and District Safety Coordinator trained the Addison staff today on procedures. The procedures during the drill have been simplified this year and students will be told that we are practicing “locks, lights, out of sight” in case “an unwanted visitor or animal should come on to campus”.  Furthermore, students are very familiar with school safety drills as we have been practicing monthly fire drills and quarterly earthquake drills.


Please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s teacher if you have any further questions.


Thank you,

Amanda Boyce