Staff Appreciation Lunch - THANK YOU!
Wed, May 5 4:26pm

Addison Community -

A big THANK YOU to all the families who helped make today's staff appreciation lunch a huge success. It was a wonderful sight to see so many of our staff in person enjoying each other's company! I also was fortunate to receive many thoughtful notes from those who were not able to join us in person..

Principal Boyce shared her reflections on the school year. I asked her to let me share her words with the community and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!

Yesterday, one of our teachers shared an email with me from a former student who is now in 8th grade.  The message from the student was seven paragraphs and recalled all the activities, projects, awards and conversations that made a tremendous impact on her and helped shape who she is today and now preparing for high school.  The message made us both very emotional realizing that we never really quite know the impact we make on our young children’s lives.  This teacher then said she felt badly that many of those activities and projects haven’t taken place this year but my immediate response what to ask her to consider what she did accomplish this year amidst a pandemic.

I went home and spent time reflecting on what memories the students might have from this past year and wrote them down to share with you from the perspective of a student:

  • Teachers- you learned and taught me how to use Schoology and Zoom and I am so proud of all my new technology skills
  • Brian- I don’t know who you are but I constantly hear the teachers saying “Where’s Brian?!” so you must be important☺
  • Lina- I saw you working hard each and every day doing extra cleaning and using a crazy looking spray gun in order to keep me healthy!
  • Joy, Nancy, and Specialists- you were the first ones back in the office in August and just hearing your voices and seeing your smiles reassured me that a return to school would be possible someday
  • Sue, Linda, Claudia, Adrienne, Lauren and Jacob- before in-person instruction was possible, you gave me the opportunity to come back to school four days per week and have a quiet environment to learn with caring and supportive adults
  • Teachers- You made it possible to give me the option to remain at home or come back 2.5 days per week for in-person instruction.  I know some of you had to change grade levels and welcome new students and you always did it with a lot of hard work, patience, and flexibility.  Talk about a “growth mindset”- you will always be a role model of what that means!
  • Aides, Specialists, and Theresa- those 1:1 and small group connections were so important to me this year after experiencing a totally different way of learning and needing someone to guide me through the new concepts
  • Joy and Nancy- I love all my individual school supplies and additional playground equipment especially the bubbles!  There is so much to do in each zone and the monthly calendars keep us on track about where to go!
  • Jeanny- Whenever I hear the wheels of the lunch cart rolling up, I know free lunch is coming!  Just wondering… what is exactly in the Chimi-Nada?!
  • Lauren, Adrienne, Roberta, Irene, Joyce, David, Michael- you became invaluable parent/staff members this year and filled in at recess and lunch to help me remember all the new campus rules, keep safe, and build my skills at kickball!
  • All Staff- look at this amazing new campus!  Thank you to everyone who gave ideas and feedback about how to transform our school in to this beautiful new space

So in conclusion, even though you may have not offered the same opportunities to students this year as in years prior, you were an integral part of their lives at a time when they needed you most to provide security, safety, support, and a smile.  Thank you for an incredible year.

- Amanda Boyce, Staff Appreciation Lunch 2021

Staff Appreciation Week continues through Friday - please take the time to let a staff member (or staff members) know how much you appreciate what they do for Addison students.

My best,

Lauren Williams
Addison PTA