Superintendent Announcement: Full Time Instruction for HYBRID Students
Tue, Mar 23 8:36pm

Dear Addison Families,


At the Board Meeting tonight, our Superintendent shared a plan for all elementary hybrid classes to return to full time, five days per week instruction in April.  This update followed the CDC announcement last week that allows for 3’ social distancing between students in the classroom.  Please see highlights below:


  • Grades 3rd -5th will return to full time instruction by April 19th; at Addison, 5th grade will return on either April 12th or 13th (asynchronous day being discussed) and 3rd and 4th graders will return to full time instruction on April 19th
  • Grades Kindergarten and 2nd will return to full time instruction on April 26th as 1st grade has already returned full time
  • There will be no changes to Full Distance Learners (FDL) this year
  • We will gradually phase out PAUSD+ as each grade level returns
  • PAUSD/ Addison will remain vigilant in maintaining safety protocols throughout this transition including maintaining stable cohorts and 6’ social distancing when eating


I want to take this opportunity to first thank the 5th grade team for agreeing to return before April 19th.  My experience in making this change in 1st grade taught me that there are many logistics to sort out in order to provide a safe and successful transition.  Bringing back 5th graders one week earlier than 3rd and 4th allows me to span my energies and support across the school relative to the other timelines.


The teachers and I are asking for your patience as we need time to work through all the moving pieces of this transition including Tier 2 and 3 services, music, library, PE, play zones, classroom configurations and lunch eating areas.  In my last Principal’s Update, I invited you to a Principal’s Coffee on April 1st @ 5pm.  At that time, I will provide information on this transition and answer questions:


We are excited to welcome back our hybrid students to full time instruction and I am committed to a collaborative approach with all the stakeholders so the process is seamless.  Thank you in advance for your support.



Amanda Boyce