Thank You From Judy the Crossing Guard
Thu, Jan 7 9:46am

December 18, 2020


To the Addison Family,


I am so happy and grateful to be back.  It was a long seven months from March 13- October 12.  I’m big on prayer and every day I asked for us all to be healthy, happy and safe.  Did you know that this is my 8th year at Addison?  Watching your children grow is so joyful for me.


Two weeks ago I had emergency dental surgery for three visits which cost $1900.  I have Kaiser for health insurance but apparently I’m not covered for dental.  This is a miracle for Lauren to give me an envelope today with your super generous gift.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was going to take me two years to pay off.


With love and kindness and compassion in my heart for all you,

Judy - your crossing guard