Thursday and Friday Morning at Before Drop-Off
Wed, Nov 7 10:29am
Addison Elementary

Addison Families, Please Join PiE on Thursday and Friday Mornings!!


Thursday, November 8th
7:30 to 8:15 am
On the blacktop near room 21, Bill Gutoff
PiE Funded Science Educator, Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo
Bill will be bringing a Van De Graaff generator, Tiki (a Rosy Boa) and some minerals and fossils. This is a great time to share science with your children.

Friday, November 9th
7:30 to 8:15 am
Near the library and kinder classrooms
PiE funded spectra art teachers: Aleksandra and Andi
Aleksandra and Andi have created a mini art project for your family based on the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (1866 –1944). Kandinsky is known for his use of color and shape.
As Spectra Art teachers, they strive to share their passion for art and creative process, often by introducing your children to both master and contemporary artists. They hope to help your children not just to learn the fundamental elements of art, but to encourage them to imagine seeing the world through an artist’s eye.
They invite you to stop by to say hello, for a collaborative art project: color circle collages in the style of Kandinsky. After creating these mini collages, the students will hang their work on a tree outside the front office for all to enjoy.