Update for Addison Community-Project Planned at 980 Middlefield
Wed, Sep 26 7:32pm
Addison Elementary

The project at 980 Middlefield (the old mortuary across from Addison) will be discussed at the October 1st City Council meeting. It will be a pre-screening hearing with Council to discuss a zoning change required for the proposed project to move forward.

A link to the agenda can be found here. This project proposal is tentatively scheduled to be heard at 6:10 pm. It is technically the first item on the agenda but note that there is a closed session item for labor negotiations before the regularly scheduled Council meeting. These negotiations sometimes go long and may push out the start time of the hearing slightly but the clerk tries to provide a best guess on timing.

If any parent would like to gain more information about the project or to speak, please show up by the tentative time listed.

In addition to attending in person, you can send an e-mail to Council at City.Council@cityofpaloalto.org. Any comments received before the meeting are put in a staff report, given to all council members and read before the meeting. Any comments received after the staff report is printed but before the hearing are also printed out and given to the council members so that they have them in hand at the meeting.