Water System Test Results
Fri, Sep 28 2:20pm
Addison Elementary

September 26, 2018


Dear Addison Elementary School Parents and Staff:


Maintaining safe and healthy schools is a high priority in our district.  Assembly Bill 746 contains statutory requirements for community water systems to test the lead levels of drinking water at all California public K-12 schools and preschools, and child daycare facilities located on public school property, by July 1, 2019.


The testing of all drinking fountains located at Addison was coordinated by the City of Palo Alto and preliminary results indicate that lead levels are within the normal range, with the exception of one drinking fountain. The fountain, located outside of Room 21, was found to have trace elevated levels of lead exceeding the 15 parts per billion (15 ug/L ) limit set by California law.


Once we received the report from the city, we proactively replaced the drinking fountain and the water supply lines.  The water to the fountain will remain turned off until the city can return to test the water again next week. 


I want to emphasize that we have clean, safe drinking water in your child’s school.  


For any questions please contact Dr. James Novak, Chief Business Officer of PAUSD at jnovak@pausd.org.




 Amanda Boyce