Last Day of School!

Thu, Jun 4 11:43am

The PTA wishes all Addison Families a safe and wonderful Summer Break! Thanks to Addison parent, Rikki Fakatou, the school sign on Middlefield has been "dressed up" to celebrate our 5th graders who we ... [More]

Special Message from Amanda Boyce, Principal

Tue, Jun 2 12:22pm

Dear Addison Families,   I felt it important to send my weekly Newsletter early this week as I hope you are all doing well despite the heavy feelings you may be experiencing as a result of the current ... [More]

Addison News May 31, 2020

Sun, May 31 4:49pm

Addison eAdvisor May 24, 2020 NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - Congratulations to our 5th graders who will be promoted this week. Many of our students have been classmates since kinder ... [More]

Student Materials Pick-up/ Drop-off: June 1-2

Sun, May 31 3:01pm

Dear Addison Families,   Happy last week of school!  I sent a message in last week's newsletter regarding the student materials pick-up schedule this week.  The teachers have gathered the student proj ... [More]

Addison Library books

Fri, May 29 4:37pm

Library books may be returned to Addison on Monday June 1 or Tuesday June 2 according to Mrs. Boyce's recent message about returning school materials .  If you would like to keep the books over the su ... [More]

Zoom Story Time Schedule for last week of school

Fri, May 29 2:09pm

Our last week of school and our last week of Library Zoom Story times.  Some of the times and days are different this week to accommodate the shorten week.  See below for new schedule:   Mon, Jun 1 09 ... [More]

Principal's Update May 27, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 27 Mayo 2020

Wed, May 27 7:19pm

Dear Addison Families,   I hope you enjoyed the very warm Memorial Day Weekend as it felt like the start of summer!  It’s hard to believe we only have one more week of school as our last day is Thursd ... [More]

Addison News May 24, 2020

Sun, May 24 11:45am

Addison eAdvisor May 24, 2020 NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! As a reminder school is “closed” on Monday. Distance learning activities wi ... [More]

Library News and Schedule

Fri, May 22 2:54pm

This week's Library Lessons are all about Summer Reading.  It is so important that students continue to read over the summer.   One of the lesson slides is all about the Palo Alto City Library's Summe ... [More]

Principal's Update May 20, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 20 Mayo 2020

Wed, May 20 5:19pm

Dear Addison Families,   As we look ahead to the last couple weeks of school, the Addison Staff is busy brainstorming how to wrap up this year and prepare for next year.  As a District, we are continu ... [More]

Project Cornerstone - The OK Book

Tue, May 19 8:18pm

Dear Addison Families, This month’s Project Cornerstone book is The OK Book, by Amy Kraus Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld. Below is a summary of the book followed by some questions to discuss. We've als ... [More]

Addison News May 17, 2020

Sun, May 17 5:10pm

Addison eAdvisor May 10, 2020 NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - The PTA held its final meeting of this school year on Tuesday, during which we elected our new executive board for the 20 ... [More]

Reopening Feedback Opportunity Week of May 18

Fri, May 15 6:47pm

Dear Addison Families,   Dr. Don Austin, Superintendent of PAUSD, has been hosting a web program for a few weeks. Today an email was sent by the district announcing this week's program, which will foc ... [More]

Library Schedule and News for the week of May 18th-May 22

Fri, May 15 12:08pm

The Library Lessons on Schoology for this week are all about learning to be Good Digital Citizens.  Being good citizens/students online is especially important these days.  These lessons were created ... [More]

Principal's Update- May 13, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 13 Mayo 2020

Wed, May 13 5:27pm

Dear Addison Families,   This week, we are spending a lot of time as a PAUSD staff considering different options for re-opening in the Fall.  Our Superintendent has proposed three scenarios.  The firs ... [More]

Addison News May 10, 2020

Sun, May 10 5:55pm

Addison eAdvisor May 10, 2020 NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all moms had a wonderful day. Showing our appreciation during the shelter in place has stretch ... [More]

Weekly Zoom Story Times with Ms Ohanian

Fri, May 8 3:10pm

   Here is the weekly Zoom Story Time with Ms Ohanian Schedule. These days and times are the same as last week but the Zoom links are different each week.  The best way to access the the Zoom link is ... [More]

Principal's Update- May 6, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 6 Mayo 2020

Wed, May 6 4:44pm

Dear Addison Families,   Thank you for all your kind gestures throughout our Staff Appreciation Week.  Our teachers have greatly appreciated the digital flowers, poems, notes, videos, pictures, and ot ... [More]

Addison News May 2, 2020

Sun, May 3 8:19am

Addison eAdvisor May 2, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events All PAUSD Schools closed for remainder of school year NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - This week we are celebrating Teach ... [More]

Library Lessons and more!

Fri, May 1 3:18pm

Dear Families, It was so great hearing from you and your children this week.  I got some notes checking in with me and some great notes about poetry!  Please encourage your children to send me a note ... [More]

Project Cornerstone Update

Thu, Apr 30 9:54am

Dear Parents,   As many of you know, Project Cornerstone is a parent engagement program which is part of the social-emotional learning at Addison. Once a month parent volunteers read a specially selec ... [More]

Principal's Update- April 29, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 29 Abril 2020

Wed, Apr 29 5:31pm

Dear Addison Families,   This week I was able to talk to parents and guardians through the Principal Coffees.  Thanks to PTA for your support in organizing these events.  We had the 2nd and 3rd grade ... [More]

Story Times with Ms Ohanian

Mon, Apr 27 2:33pm

Here are the Story Times with Ms Ohanian.  These will be the Story Times for April and May.  The students can access the Zoom story time link in their Schoology Library Course in the Zoom Story Time f ... [More]

Addison News - April 26, 2020

Sun, Apr 26 3:30pm

Addison eAdvisor April 26, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events All PAUSD Schools closed for remainder of school year NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - We have many new announcements ... [More]

Principal's Update- April 22, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 22 Abril 2020

Wed, Apr 22 5:19pm

Dear Addison Families,   We are settling in to Phase III learning and have supported a variety of needs across the site.  This includes providing Chromebooks, internet access, and guidance on how to u ... [More]

Please Respond ASAP Regarding Enrollment for 2020-21

Wed, Apr 22 3:13pm

Hi!   Hope all is well!  If you have not responded to the Enrollment Survey for the 20-21 School Year, please do so now.  It will take less than a minute and save me hours of individual emails.   All ... [More]

Addison News - April 19, 2020

Sun, Apr 19 4:57pm

Addison eAdvisor April 19, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar All PAUSD Schools closed for remainder of school year NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - This we ... [More]

Live Story Times with Ms Ohanian

Fri, Apr 17 11:31am

Live Story Times with Ms Ohanian will be back next week!  Please see the schedule below for the grade level times.  I will send out a Zoom invitation the evening before your grade level story time. Ki ... [More]

The Great Addison Adventure Hunt of 2020!

Fri, Apr 17 6:45am

Addison families, get ready for the Great Addison Adventure Hunt of 2020!    Each week the PTA will announce in the eAdvisor a new idea of something you can put in your window for our community to sea ... [More]

Principal's Update- April 15, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 15 Abril 2020

Wed, Apr 15 5:00pm

Dear Addison Families,   I have no doubt this has been an exciting week that has required patience and dedication as we launched in to Phase III learning.  April 13th was similar to the first day of s ... [More]

Library Lesson on Schoology issue Fixed

Mon, Apr 13 3:11pm

 I believe I have fixed the issue on the Library Lessons on Schoology.  If you continue to have problems, please let me know. Thank you for your patience. Ms Ohanian

Library Schoology Course issues

Mon, Apr 13 2:49pm

Dear Families, I uploaded this week's Library Lessons to Schoology today.  Some families are having issues viewing the lesson slides.  I know what the issue is and I am working on a fix and it will be ... [More]

Welcome Back- Phase 3!

Sun, Apr 12 5:51pm

Dear Addison Families,   I hope you are all healthy, safe, and have been able to find some time to connect as a family during this past week.  My two daughters, husband, and I have appreciated the opp ... [More]

Addison News - April 12, 2020

Sun, Apr 12 4:35pm

Addison eAdvisor April 12, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar All PAUSD Schools closed for remainder of school year NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - A month ... [More]

Final PAUSD Chomebook/Laptop Pick up - Reservation Form Due Sunday, April 12

Sat, Apr 11 11:41am

PAUSD is planning one last loan device distribution for Monday, April 13th, between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.   You must submit the Student Form (link below) by 8:00pm on Sunday, April 12 for each student ... [More]

Principal's Message- April 1, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 1 Abril 2020

Wed, Apr 1 6:09pm

Dear Addison Families,   As we all settle into the third week of our school closure, I hope you have been able to establish family routines and schedules. I want to thank you again for your continued ... [More]

Principal's Update- March 25, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 25 Marzo 2020

Wed, Mar 25 6:51pm

Dear Addison Families,   Hope you and your families are doing well.  Today, we received confirmation that PAUSD Schools will remain closed through May 1.  It is more likely that we will remain closed ... [More]

Principal's Update- March 20, 2020

Fri, Mar 20 6:58pm

Dear Addison Families,   It’s hard to believe that only one week ago, I was informing staff that it would be our last day with students and the landscape of education was about to change.  My role as ... [More]

Principal's Update- March 18, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 18 Marzo 2020

Wed, Mar 18 6:16pm

Dear Addison Families,   Hope you are doing well and adjusting to this new reality of “shelter in place”.  Our roles as parents and professionals have dramatically changed over the past few days so gi ... [More]

Resources from Ms Ohanian, Addison Teacher Librarian

Wed, Mar 18 10:32am

  Dear Addison Families, Below are some story/reading resources you may want to look into as you are home staying safe.  Also if you and/or your child knows how to log onto their Rapid ID account  the ... [More]

Principal's Update- March 16, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 16 Marzo 2020

Mon, Mar 16 7:09pm

Dear Addison Families,   Today I spent the day with our dedicated staff engaging in thoughtful conversation about how to best support students and families during this educational transition.  ALL STA ... [More]

Addison News - March 15, 2020

Sun, Mar 15 4:20pm

Addison eAdvisor March 15, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar All PAUSD Schools closed March 16 - April 10 NEW! PTA President’s Message Addison Community - This week has be ... [More]

Principal's Update- March 14, 2020/ Noticias de la Directora 14 Marzo 2020

Sat, Mar 14 5:33pm

Dear Addison Families,   First, I want to personally thank you for your support, words of encouragement, and gestures of appreciation this past week as District and County updates changed frequently a ... [More]

School Closes, Kids at Home, Families in Need, Teachers Working Miracles and One Amazing Community

Sat, Mar 14 2:56pm

Addison Community - We have been faced with a lot of change over the past 2 days! Not surprisingly, our community has pulled together to check on each other, look out for all students and show our app ... [More]

Addison School Closure- English/ Espanol/ Mandarin

Fri, Mar 13 1:17pm

Dear Addison Families,   Around noon today, the Santa Clara County Health Department declared that all public schools in the county will close effective Monday, March 16, 2020.   You have received a m ... [More]

Notice of Change - April PTA General Meeting

Thu, Mar 12 9:08pm

The Addison PTA General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th has been cancelled. The elections scheduled to take place at this meeting have been postponed until May. The Addison PTA Executive Boa ... [More]

Re: Superintendent's Update - March 12, 2020

Thu, Mar 12 6:32pm

Dear Addison Families,   At 5:40pm this evening, our Superintendent sent an update to all families.  If you did not receive it, please see below.  I wanted to provide you a few specifics regarding abs ... [More]

Addison Updates re: Coronavirus

Mon, Mar 9 6:39pm

Dear Addison Families,   Earlier today, PAUSD sent a message to all K-12 families regarding the District’s response to the Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s recommendations from March 5th. ... [More]

Addison News - March 8, 2020

Sun, Mar 8 1:45pm

Addison eAdvisor March 8, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar Mon, Mar 9 NO SCHOOL - Local Holiday Tue, Mar 10 PTA General & Exec Meeting, 6:30-8:00pm Flex Space Fri, Mar 13 ... [More]

Updates re: coronavirus

Thu, Mar 5 4:24pm

Dear Addison Families,   As the school week wraps up, I know the uncertainty of the coronavirus has created concern but I wanted to reassure you that the District continues to work closely with the CD ... [More]

Addison News - March 1, 2020

Sun, Mar 1 5:04pm

Addison eAdvisor March 1, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar Thurs, Mar 4 Project Cornerstone Training, , 8:30-9:30am, Flex Space Mar 6-9 NO SCHOOL - Local Holiday Tue, Mar ... [More]

Safety Drill- FRIDAY

Wed, Feb 26 4:24pm

Dear Addison Families,   This Friday, February 28, the Addison staff and students will practice safety measures at our annual drill should a dangerous situation (animal, unwanted visitor, gas leak) pr ... [More]

More volunteers needed to avoid canceling Family Science Night this Thursday

Wed, Feb 26 6:52am

Dear Addison Families,   The Children's Discovery Museum requires that we have a minimum of 12 adult volunteers present to facilitate the 10 interactive tables at the event.  We currently have only 5 ... [More]

Addison News - February 23, 2020

Sun, Feb 23 1:11pm

Addison eAdvisor February 23, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Thurs, Feb 27 Family Science Night, 6:30-8:00pm, Walter Hays MP Room Thurs, Mar 4 Project Cornerstone Trai ... [More]

Heat @ Addison

Tue, Feb 11 4:45pm

Dear Addison Families,   You may have heard that some of our classrooms have been chilly the past couple mornings.  Unfortunately, the Boiler’s heat exchanger has developed a crack as it's about thirt ... [More]

Addison News - February 9, 2020

Sun, Feb 9 11:26am

Addison eAdvisor February 9, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Tue, Feb 11 PTA Council Meeting 8:20-9:50am, District Office Feb 13 - 18 NO SCHOOL - President’s Day Break ... [More]

Addison Community Conversation for Special Education

Wed, Feb 5 11:31am

Please join us for an Addison Community Conversation for Special Education with Principal Amanda Boyce, School Psychologist Rita Rodriguez, PhD, and guest PAUSD Interim Director of Special Education J ... [More]

Message from Superintendent

Mon, Feb 3 2:41pm

From the Office of the Superintendent:   Updated Federal Guidelines As part of the emergency declaration, which went into effect yesterday (Sunday, February 2) at 11 a.m. PST., Americans returning to ... [More]

Addison News - February 2, 2020

Sun, Feb 2 2:12pm

Addison eAdvisor February 2, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Wed, Feb 5 Project Cornerstone Training, 8:30-9:30am, Flex Space Fri, Feb 7 Special Ed. Community Discussio ... [More]

Grade colors for tomorrow's Inclusion Week Rainbow

Tue, Jan 28 1:58pm

Please remember that, as part of Inclusion Week, each grade is encouraged to wear a specific color tomorrow, Wednesday Jan 29, and invited to join in a school-wide photo to be taken during lunch reces ... [More]

Your child is invited to enter the Elementary School Culinary Competition!

Mon, Jan 27 11:15am

              Palo Alto Unified School District Elementary School Culinary Competition   This year is the 10th Anniversary Year of the Elementary School Culinary Competition and we’re accepting entrie ... [More]

Addison News - January 26, 2020

Sun, Jan 26 12:02pm

Addison eAdvisor January 26, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Mon, Jan 27 4th Grade Parent Coloma Meeting, 6pm Walter Hays Wed, Feb 5 Project Cornerstone Training, 8:30- ... [More]

Addison News - January 19, 2020

Fri, Jan 17 9:26am

Addison eAdvisor January 19, 2020 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Mon, Jan 20 NO SCHOOL - MLK Holiday Wed, Jan 22 Site Council Meeting, 3:30 Library Flex Room Mon, Jan 27 4t ... [More]


Wed, Jan 15 6:32am

Tonight is "GIVE BACK TO ADDISON NIGHT" at Mendocino Farms.    Mendocino Farms has been a wonderful champion of Addison and continues to donate funds to our school. Please show your support by joining ... [More]

Site Council Meeting Rescheduled to 1/22

Tue, Jan 14 5:14pm

Dear Addison Community,   We discovered that there were two School Site Council meeting dates on our calendar; 1/15 and 1/22.  It was decided by our Site Council to reschedule tomorrow's meeting to 1/ ... [More]

Addison News - January 12, 2020

Sun, Jan 12 3:47pm

Addison eAdvisor December 15, 2019 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Tue, Jan 14 PTA Meeting, 8:20am Flex Space Wed, Jan 15 Site Council Meeting, 3-5pm Flex Space Wed, Jan 15 ... [More]

Letter of Gratitude 2020

Thu, Jan 9 8:56am

January, 2020 Dear Mrs. Boyce, teachers and all students and all parents, I am beyond grateful to be part of the Addison family.  I love my job! You have the happiest school on earth because your prin ... [More]

"Give Back Night" at Mendocino Farms and a Thank you Note on Behalf of Judy

Wed, Jan 8 10:42am

"Give Back Night" at Mendocino Farms   Want a break from the dinner doldrums? On Wednesday, January 15 from 5-8 p.m., Mendocino Farms will donate 50% of every dinner bill to Addison! Every student wil ... [More]

Addison Construction Updates Jan. 2020

Sat, Jan 4 6:18pm

Dear Addison Families,   Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful winter break and feel energized for the new year.  Our family enjoyed a lot time together and we introduced a new member in to our ... [More]

Construction Update!

Mon, Dec 23 8:35pm

Dear Addison Families,   I hope your Winter Break is off to a great start!  I wanted to share the exciting news that after a very busy day, we have completely moved out of the office/ library building ... [More]

Friday 1:15pm Dismissal

Thu, Dec 19 4:32pm

Just a reminder that school will be dismissed at 1:15pm tomorrow, Friday December 20. Hope everyone has a fun and restful winter break and we look forward to seeing you when school reopens on Tuesday, ... [More]

Addison News - December 15, 2019

Sun, Dec 15 6:05pm

Addison eAdvisor December 15, 2019 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Wed, Dec 18 Noon Chorus Holiday Concert, 6:30pm Walter Hays Fri, Dec 20 Minimum Day Dismissal, 1:15pm Dec ... [More]

Fund for crossing guard Judy

Tue, Dec 10 7:55pm

Dear Addison community,   Anyone who has to cross Middlefield Road while walking, biking or scootering to school knows Judy, the crossing guard.  I am sure all of you appreciate that she keeps you and ... [More]

Winter/Spring 2020 After School Activity Registration Now Available

Mon, Dec 9 8:08pm

Registration for Addison Winter/Spring 2020 After School Activities is now available.  Click here for more information. We have one new program this session—Art and Soul Addison Art Club on Thursdays. ... [More]

Addison News - December 8, 2019

Sun, Dec 8 4:46pm

Addison eAdvisor December 8, 2019 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Tue, Dec 10 PTA General & Exec Meeting, 8:20am AKC Wed, Dec 11 Birthday Book Club, 1:15pm School Library We ... [More]

Family Giving Tree Holiday Drive - Deadline Extended to Monday, December 9th

Thu, Dec 5 11:20am

The deadline for participating in this year's Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive has been extended.    Gift tags are still available in the school office (on the wall to the far right as you enter ... [More]

Books Inc. Night, Wed, Dec 4 - Help Raise Funds for Addison!

Tue, Dec 3 11:40am

Shop at Books Inc. in Town & Country on Wed, Dec. 4 from 5-8 p.m. and 20% of all your purchases will be donated to Addison's PTA. Pick up holiday gifts and shop for classroom "wishlist books," which h ... [More]


Fri, Nov 22 2:28pm

Dear Addison Families,   As the weekend and holiday break approaches, I wanted to wish everyone a joyful, relaxing, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I am grateful for all your support and partnership at Addis ... [More]

Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive at Addison

Thu, Nov 21 6:42am

Addison is once again hosting a Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive this season. Gift tags are now available in the school office (on the wall to the far right as you enter the office).   Help your ... [More]

Addison News - November 17, 2019

Sun, Nov 17 12:38pm

Addison eAdvisor November 17, 2019 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Wed, Nov 20 Site Council Meeting, 3 pm School Library Nov 25-29 No School, Thanksgiving Break Mon, Dec 2 5 ... [More]

First Trimester Progress Reports

Fri, Nov 15 9:49am

Dear Addison Families,   Today our first trimester progress reports (report cards) will be available to view online via Infinite Campus at 4pm.  If you prefer a hard copy, please email your child's te ... [More]

PiE's Challenge Grant Happening Now!

Mon, Nov 11 5:54pm

Dear Addison Families,   Hope everyone is having a great weekend and a wonderful Veteran's Day.   I wanted to let you know that Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is having a challenge grant.  PiE ... [More]

Addison News - November 10, 2019

Sun, Nov 10 3:21pm

Addison eAdvisor November 10, 2019 Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Addison Google Calendar  Mon, Nov 11 No School, Veterans Day Tue, Nov 12 PTA Meeting, 8:20am AKC 1 Classroom Wed, Nov 13 Birthday B ... [More]

Addison News - November 3, 2019

Sun, Nov 3 4:11pm

Addison eAdvisor November 3, 2019   Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Fri, Nov 8 Project Cornerstone Parent Meeting, 8:30am AKC Mon, Nov 11 No School, Veterans Day Tue, Nov 12 PTA Meeting, 8:20am AKC ... [More]

Halloween Events

Wed, Oct 30 10:56am

REMINDER -  Join us tomorrow for our annual Halloween Parade!  Halloween Breakfast will be served  from 7:45-8:15am near the field and play structure.  The Halloween Parade will begin at approximately ... [More]

Air Quality Index Update- 10/28/19- 10am

Mon, Oct 28 10:00am

Dear Addison Families,   Thank you for your cooperation this morning to encourage students to go indoors when they arrived to school.   The air quality has changed to yellow- moderate- so we will have ... [More]

Air Quality- Monday- 10/28/19

Mon, Oct 28 6:54am

Dear Addison Family,   Along with PAUSD district representatives, I have been monitoring the air quality index over the past 24 hours.     The current Air Quality Index is showing “orange” or “Unhealt ... [More]

Addison News - October 27, 2019

Sun, Oct 27 3:12pm

Addison eAdvisor October 27, 2019   Calendar: Upcoming Addison Events Thu, Oct. 31                Halloween Breakfast & Parade, 7:45-9:20am Mon, Nov. 11              No School, Veterans Day Holiday Tu ... [More]


Thu, Oct 24 8:31pm

Tomorrow (Friday) at noon, the auction officially ends! There are a few parties, gifts and events for families, kids and adults. Grab them while you still can! Go here. 

Thank you, Addison Community!

Mon, Oct 21 12:13pm

What an amazing turnout at our Adult Party and Auction! We are completely blown away by the amount of support you have shown through the time you've given, the items you've donated, and the funds you' ... [More]

Addison School- Disaster Drill- 10/24/19 @ 8:30am

Thu, Oct 17 11:29am

Dear Addison Families,   At yesterday's Staff Meeting, we prepared for an upcoming Disaster Drill on Thursday, October 24th at 8:30am.  A Disaster Drill allows helps the Addison Staff prepare for a de ... [More]

Auction Items for Sale - Right Now!

Thu, Oct 17 9:30am

There are still two more days until the Addison Adult Party & Auction, but many parties and goods and services from Palo Alto businesses are available right now!  Go here to make your purchases.   Par ... [More]

Picture Retakes Tomorrow

Wed, Oct 16 9:00am

Just a quick reminder-make -up pictures are tomorrow, Oct 17. If you would like a child's picture retaken, the original picture packet minus the Class Photo needs to be returned. Parents are asked to ... [More]

The Addison Adult Party & Auction Important Dates / La fiesta y subasta de Addison para adultos: fechas importantes

Fri, Oct 11 7:50pm

October 12th (tomorrow) Online bidding begins for MOST kid and family parties, as well as ALL goods and services at 9 AM. The kid and family parties that are available for presale are at a set price a ... [More]

Parent Ed - Emotional Intelligence, Why Children's Emotions Matter.

Sat, Oct 5 1:07pm

The PTAs of Addison, Duveneck & Walter Hays are sponsoring a two-part workshop titled, "Emotional Intelligence, Why Children's Emotions Matter". The workshop will be led by Jaclyn Long,  a Licensed Ma ... [More]

Halloween Costume Donations

Thu, Oct 3 5:43pm

Dear Addison Families,   The third grade team at Addison is collecting Halloween costumes to donate to schools in impoverished neighborhoods. The gently used or new costumes can be dropped off in boxe ... [More]

The Addison Adult Party & Auction is only 2 1/2 Weeks Away!

Thu, Oct 3 9:01am

We hope you're all getting excited for the best party of the year! We have a few key updates for you to get ready for the big night:   Just a reminder, this year all tickets are free. Parents just nee ... [More]

One month and counting: The Addison Adult Party and Auction

Wed, Sep 25 3:08pm

We're all ramping up for the big event, and there are a few things happening this week.     If you have RSVP’d for tickets through the one check form, you received a notification from the Handbid webs ... [More]

Lunch Help Needed!

Tue, Sep 24 5:13pm

Dear Addison Families,   I am currently seeking additional adults that can help supervise students during the lunch period.  I have one Grade 1-5 Campus Supervisor that was offered another opportunity ... [More]

Principal's Coffee- Friday, 9/13 @ 8:30am

Wed, Sep 11 5:12pm

Dear Addison Families,   This Friday, I will be hosting our first Principal's Coffee of the year!  After some socializing time, I plan to update you on how we're settling in the new school year and wh ... [More]

One Payment Form Deadline - This Friday, 9/13

Wed, Sep 11 10:33am

This Friday (Sept 13) is the deadline for completing the One Payment Form for this school year. You can either complete the form online using this link, or use the paper form available in the school o ... [More]

Friday, Aug 29, 1:15 Dismissal

Thu, Aug 29 8:24am

Important School Reminders from Addison

Thu, Aug 29 8:19am

Addison Community -  As we head into a long holiday weekend, here are a few important school reminders: Friday, Aug 30 (tomorrow) is a Minimum Day. Dismissal for all students Grades 1-5 is 1:15 PM and ... [More]

Class Pictures,

Wed, Aug 21 1:54pm

  There has been some confusion because the picture forms do not give an option to purchase a class photo.  This was not a mistake but Good News! All students will receive a class photo for no charge, ... [More]

After School Program Info & Donation Drive for EHP

Thu, Aug 15 12:45pm

We hope everyone enjoyed some part (or all) of the first day of school! It's wonderful to see Addison full of activity once again!   The PTA has two announcements to make before the weekly newsletter ... [More]

Reminder-1:15 Dismissal Today

Wed, Aug 14 11:16am

Just a reminder,  that since today is Wednesday our first day of school will end at 1:15 for Gr 1-5. (Kinder has 12 noon dismissal until October)