Aiken PTO Board Position Openings for Next Year!!
Mon, Mar 2 9:53pm

Dear Aiken Families,

We are looking for a few good women or men to join us on the PTO Board for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please check out the openings and descriptions listed below and email if you are interested or for more information.  Being on the board is a great way to be more involved in deciding how the money we fundraise gets spent for the benefit of our school.

Thanks for your interest!

Aiken PTO


Aiken PTO Board Positions

All Board Members shall:
1. Attend all PTO Meetings as necessary.
2. Support the objectives of the Aiken PTO and uphold its policies and principles.
3 . Help recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant committees of the board.
4. Assist the chairperson of any committee under their office at the request of the chairperson.

5. Maintain documentation related to their position and deliver this documentation and any official materials to their successor.

6. Assist at all Aiken PTO-sponsored events. 


President/Co-Presidents:  The President/Co-Presidents shall preside or alternately preside at all meetings of the organization, shall coordinate the work of the Officers and committees of the organization in order that the objectives might be promoted, and shall perform such other duties that pertain to the office of the President. (To be considered for this position you must have prior board experience).


 Vice President: Each Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.  The Vice President shall also organize the master list of volunteers, committee lists, and room parent lists.  The Vice President shall perform such other duties as are assigned by the President.


 Fundraising Chairperson:  Manage/oversee committee chairs of all fundraising events.  Organize fundraisers for the benefit of Aiken School.  Work closely with treasurer to ensure fundraising events are within set budget.


Community Outreach:  The Community Outreach Coordinator shall look for organizations which Aiken school could assist in such ways which would benefit our community.  Some examples of this are coat drives, food drives and toy drives.  


**If you are unsure if being on the board is right for you, but you would like to be more involved in the Aiken PTO, please email us and we can let you know other ways you can help.  For example, we are looking for people to help on the fundraising committee.  Email for more information.