Conference Week
Mon, Nov 14 - Fri, Nov 18
Aiken Elementary
1 day before
Early pickups on Tues, Thurs and Fri at 1:30 PM, Wed - 2  PM.
Conference week is a time for us to meet with our child(ren)'s teachers to find out how they are doing in school.  It is also a time of very long days for all the teachers!  Please keep an eye out for a link to sign up to help us treat the teachers to some delicious morning treats and lunches during their long hours during conference week.  
Many Aiken families have expressed an interest in sponsoring a pizza luncheon for our teachers.  There are many ways to do this: one family can have the luncheon be in their name or their child's name; two or three families can sponsor the luncheon together; or you can simply send in $5, or any amount that you are comfortable with, and the PTO will order and pick up the lunch.  If you are interested in doing so, please email us at