Last Day for Pies!!
Thu, Oct 21 10:02am
Lyman Pie Fundraiser
Last call for pies! Thank you to all the families that have already participated. We have sold over 225 pies, and have raised over $3000. If you haven't ordered yet, please be sure to do so by TODAY October 22nd.
  • Click the link and login to your personal dashboard. You will need to create a password. Your email will be your user ID.
  • Invite buyers to purchase. Click the invite buyers link on the left hand side of the screen. 
    • Option 1 Text the link to yourself and then retext all the people you would like to invite to purchase.
    • Option 2 Copy and paste your contact emails and cell numbers into the box. This will send them an invite to purchase from your store.
    • Option 3 Copy the link and email/text it to your friend and family. This link can also go on your social media sites. It will bring them directly to your store to purchase.
Thank You,
Amanda Pihl & Julie Cutler