New Aiken PTO Eblast Platform!
Wed, Feb 13 4:14pm

Dear Aiken Families,

We are moving away from the Aiken gmail and we are very pleased to be able to communicate with you about all our PTO events, activities, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers and more through the Aiken PTO’s secure communication platform, Konstella.

You should have already received an invitation to register.   For those of you with multiple children in our school, be sure to add all of them, and add the correct child to the correct classroom. You will also be able to setup your privacy preference.

We also recommend that you download the Konstella app so that you can receive instant notification through the app. Konstella has an amazing feature that allows you to sync our calendar with your Google, iPhone, or other online calendars. This way, you will not miss any school-wide or classroom events.

Konstella will be the new platform going forward through the years.  We are hopeful this will help at the beginning of the year as it will be easy to add your child to the correct class at the beginning of the year and your child's classmates will have easy access to your info, should you wish to share it.

You may also opt out of receiving Konstella emails by simply clicking "change notification settings" on this email.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

We look forward to communicating with you all on Konstella.

Abiah & Tina

Aiken PTO Co-Presidents