Teacher Appreciation Week is Next Week, May 1-May 5
Wed, Apr 26 8:12pm

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week (May 1 to 5).  We are really excited about all the wonderful things that we are doing for the teachers, but we need your help! Here's what we need from you:


  1. Please make sure your kids fill out the thank you flyer and bring it in on Monday, May 1 (they can leave it with their teachers and we will post them on the teacher’s doors that evening).
  2. Please volunteer to bring a snack and/or desserts
  3. Please fill out the teacher appreciation survey for your teacher and specials teachers! 


Here is our schedule: 


Monday - Coffee cart!  Sometime in the morning, all Aiken teachers and staff will hear a knock on their door...and be treated to a surprise cup of coffee or tea and a munchkin. Delivered and sponsored by the PTO.


Tuesday - Thank you day!  Please send the flyer we sent home back to school filled out with answers and a picture. Kids will present these to the teachers when they arrive in school. Teachers love getting these messages of appreciation from the kids every year. An extra copy of the flyer is attached. 


Wednesday - Snack Day!  Let's fill the teacher's lounge with their favorite munchies!  The sign up below will help you pick - you can choose a few teachers or pick a snack you'd like to bring. The guidelines for snack day are at the bottom of this message.  


http://www.mysignup.com/ aikenteachers


Thursday - Lunch for teachers!  Ordered out – we will set up lunch for the teachers. 


Friday - Dessert Bar!  We will end on a sweet note on Friday with a dessert bar.  The sign up for desserts is the same one as for snacks. Please consider bringing both - it will be so nice for the teachers and staff.  


Finally, all week long Mrs. McKay will be reading out quotes from kids about the teachers that we collected through the google link below.  Please fill a few of these out for your teacher and specials teacher as well - we have had only 17 responses so far (thank you!) and need more to fill out the week and recognize all the teachers.  It’s easy to do - you only need to fill out two questions and it will give such warm fuzzies to all our teachers. 






You need only fill out TWO questions on this form: the name of the teacher and one other answer. Students can a...






And here are the guidelines for "Snack Day!"

  • Sign up for 1-5 teachers (perhaps you will choose your favorites, or perhaps you will choose based on which snack(s) you want to prepare).
  • You’ll need to prepare enough of that snack food for it's "owner" to share, however not so much that it needs to feed the entire staff. If you choose someone who chose "popcorn," a big bowl is good, if you select someone who chose "fruit," a medium sized bowl is fine. **Use your judgment on how much to prepare and provide. As a guideline, think of how much you might bring to a party, or how much you would put out for guests.
  • This is all staying in the Teacher's Room, so no worries about kids' food allergies.
  • On May 3, bring the snack to the Teacher's Lounge by about 10:30, so everything is there for the first lunch wave. You can also feel free to send it in with your child, or drop it off before, or as, school is starting. Snacks can go all over the big table in the middle of the room.
  • If you send your snack in a container you want back, please label it with your child's name and teacher.
  • There are lots of teachers who like chocolate, and lots of teachers who like fruit..... We need separatesnacks for each of them. 
  • Finally -- for each snack you sign up for, please make some sort of sign or label that shows the teacher's name and the name of the favorite snack food. You can be as creative as you want with this.... it can be as simple as a toothpick in the snack, with an index card announcing the teacher and snack, or a little table tent that you set out in front of your dish or bowl with the information on it. It is fine as long as you think it will make the teacher feel special when he/she sees it!