Teacher Appreciation Week
Tue, May 2 8:26pm


 Next week is teacher appreciation week.  Let's work together to show our teachers how much we appreciate all they do for our children! Opportunities listed below:
SUNDAY - Chalk the walk! Stop by Aiken on Sunday afternoon and draw pictures or write messages to our teachers.  Chalk will be provided.
MONDAY - Wear your teacher's favorite color! (See below). And each teacher will get a custom cookie!
TUESDAY - Coffee cart. Parent volunteers are set to bring coffee/tea/treats to every teacher.  
WEDNESDAY - Lunch sponsored by the Aiken PTO (namely, all of you!).
THURSDAY - Teacher's favorite snack.  Volunteer to bring in a teacher's favorite snack!
If you choose a teacher's favorite snack, please label the snack with the teacher's name, and bring enough to share :)
Have all snacks into the Teacher's Lounge by 9am on Thursday.
Click on the sign up genius below to bring in a snack, or donate money to help purchase breakfast treats and lunch.
Favorite Colors:
Red - O'Brien; Linker; Woods; Segar
Orange - Weidl; Miettinen; Soto
Yellow - DiPoala
Green - Bilanski; Brunetti; Downs; Sturm; Scelia; Gallinoto; Belman; Sullivan; Bushnell
Blue - Parker; Burkhard; Cahill; Schreijack; Golden; Maglio; Horn; Bohle; Horan; Mulready; Pagnani; Senczikowska; Wafti; Phelan; LaCroix; Mrotek; Hossain
Purple - Mlodzinski; Peltier; Davis; Collins; Walker; Anderson; Harro; Tamaccio; Prevourt; Misiaszek
Pink - McKeown; Wisniewski; Simko; Ross; Schloss; Sweeney
Thanks for helping support our wonderful Aiken teachers and staff!