Mon, May 27 8:04pm

Hello Aiken Families, 


We hope you've enjoyed this beautiful long weekend.  Summer is in the air finally. There are just a few things before we wrap up the end of the year! 



Another friendly reminder that if your family has any used, dried up markers you are going to throw away, you can bring them into the school for them to be recycled.  



Don't forget to keep clipping those box tops! This is such an easy way to make money for school. Send them in and the class that brings in the most will win a prize at the end of the year. As a reminder, this is the LAST week to do so. 



Aiken teachers and staff would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped at the school this year by inviting them and their families to breakfast on June 6th. Please see the attached flyer for more information and info on how to RSVP.


FARMERS MARKET - JUNE 6th 3:20-4:30

Mark your calendars for this delicious and nutritious event. This is the perfect day to pick up your child from school, instead of them taking the bus. A great way to try tasty, local fruits and veggies. 



Aiken school is lucky to have a group of dedicated volunteers which help to plan and run a diverse range of activities for our children to enjoy after school with their friends.  Please consider how you can help make these events even better next year!  You should all have received forms in your child's backpack to sign up to volunteer to help the PTO in various ways next year, including as a room parent.  Please fill out the forms, noting where you'd like to help, and return them to the school, or email them to Abiah Ruel at abiahruel@gmail.com This will help us get a head start on room parent assignments and committees for next year.     



This is a great resource for those of you who want to keep your kids reading over the summer. Check out their promotion! $3 for 3 months!!   https://www.getepic.com/summer-of-reading


We hope you had a restful weekend,


Tina & Abiah