West Hartford Cultural Council Campaign for the Arts - EXTRA RECESS CHALLENGE!!
Thu, Mar 14 9:50am
The West Hartford Cultural Council's annual Campaign for the Arts is underway!  Many thanks to those who have already sent in contributions - we are incredibly grateful.  Support for this campaign ensures the Cultural Council can further its mission of enhancing and enriching our students' education by providing them with unique experiences that promote cultural sharing -- like the program Arabiqa -- which visited SCHOOL a few weeks ago.  To ensure this almost 70 year old tradition continues, we would like to offer a "Cultural Council Challenge" at SCHOOL: if over half of our students participate in the fundraiser, ALL CLASSES will earn an extra 15 minutes of recess!   
Donations already received will be counted toward the goal.  For those who have not yet sent in a donation, but wish to, just follow these three easy instructions . . . 
1) Decide on a donation that is meaningful to your family 
2) Place the donation in an envelope with your student's name and "Cultural Council Challenge" clearly written on it
3) Send in the donation on or before the Friday, March 22nd deadline
For more information about the Cultural Council, please visit their Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/West-Hartford-Cultural-Council-390774657715943/
Thank you for your support of this very important campaign!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best wishes,
Abiah & Tina