Dolphins on Parade!!!
Sun, Mar 22 8:54pm

Who's ready to kick off Flexible Learning tomorrow??  Let's start our learning at home off right by celebrating our amazing Doniphan teachers and staff that we will miss so much with a parade! Keep an eye out for the parade of teachers and staff driving through your neighborhood starting at noon tomorrow, March 23rd.  To practice social distancing, be sure to wave from your driveway, porch or window as they make their way by!  Or get creative and even make signs to hold up as they pass!


Here's the order of neighborhoods starting at noon from the school:

1.  Wilshire Highlands
2.  White Hall Fields
3.  Canterbury (North Side)
4. Westboro
5. Homestead
6. Blackberry
7. Withersfield
8. Canterbury (South Side)
9.  Glenaire
10. Whitehall
11. Bent Oaks
12.  Wilshire
13.  Wilshire Gardens