Dress-up Days Start Tomorrow!
Sun, Feb 23 6:30pm

Just a reminder that Read-a-thon dress-up days start tomorrow!  And who doesn't love a pj day on a Monday?!  


Themed Dress Up Days During the Read-a-Thon:

Monday, 2/24: Comfy Travel Clothes: Wear your PJs or comfy clothes, buckle up and get ready for adventure!

Tuesday, 2/25: T-shirt Tuesday: Wear a shirt from vacation or a favorite place

Wednesday, 2/26: Dress Like a Tourist/Adventurer: Break out your tacky tourist attire, or gear up for an adventure in the wild with hiking or explorer clothes

Thursday, 2/27: Flag Day: Wear the colors of your favorite country’s flag or red/white/blue

Friday, 2/28: Come Home to Doniphan--Wear your AD spirit wear or blue